When I was around 13 years old, in mid school, I started to draw on my table a little church tower that I could see through my window. After a while my table was fully covered with the draw, showing everthing I could see from my seat.

Principal called me the day after. Drawing on a table was a serious fault. I really panic. He told me that I could be expelled for some days, but then he showed my table, it was there in his office. He said that it was a pity to erase such a beautiful work, but he told me that the next time I'd rather use paper.

I have painted no more on tables, but I never stopped drawing. Now I am an artist based in Amsterdam. I divide my work and time in my paints and my work as a director and 3d-animator (Selected Goya 2017).


  • Calatayud 1998. Luna Cafe

  • Calatayud 2000. Nueva Luna Cafe

  • Zaragoza 2001. Universidad de Zaragoza

    • Valencia 2001. Cafe Casual

    • Valencia 2002. EUITIV

    • Calamocha 2004. Museo del Vino

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